What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Shoutlet

Shoutlet provides a centralized platform that helps companies manage and monetize their social media communication. The company just completed $6 million in series B funding. After the jump - what you need to know about Shoutlet.

Shoutlet provides a centralized platform that helps companies manage and monetize their social media communication. In one interface, it includes Facebook and Twitter management, Social CRM, widget building, email and mobile marketing, social commerce and real-time analytics.

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The platform offers brands and agencies the tools to develop and implement targeted campaigns with the goal of improving the business impact of their social media communications.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Social CRM helps identify the most active brand fans and tailor marketing outreach to create closer, more interactive relationships with customer evangelists that can drive sales.
  • Facebook Page management lets teams build and publish custom tabs, including reveal tabs, through a drag-and-drop, no-FBML required interface.
  • Real-Time Analytics helps users evaluate the impact of campaigns and their overall effort.
  • Shop & Share helps brands create a tailored digital storefront in Facebook to drive e-commerce. Shop & Share’s ability to link an e-commerce presence on Facebook directly to a company’s website is intended to add a social element to the online shopping experience by enabling instant sharing of purchasing decisions with friends on Facebook and hundreds of other social sites.

Coolest feature

Shoutlet features work together on a unified platform for executing social media plans.

Feature rundown

  • Custom widget-creation without the need for software coding knowledge
  • Coupons and sweepstakes
  • Multi-Account Panel for companies with multiple locations, independent agents/contractors or franchises

User profile

Shoutlet customers are primarily social media marketing professionals seeking a streamlined solution for creating social media content and managing interactions. As more companies integrate social media into their entire organizations, Shoutlet expects wider enterprise usage, touching departments ranging from customer service to legal.

User review

“A digital storefront is a significant part of our online marketing success. Being able to create a uniquely designed e-commerce tab on Facebook allows us to not only engage with our fan base on the world’s largest social site, but also watch them share our products with their friends and then drive customers to our website where they can dive deeper into our company and what we have to offer,” said Kailin Terrill, Marketing Manager, BikeBandit.com. “The ability to link those platforms together is an invaluable part of our holiday marketing campaign because we can spend less time managing separate sites, traffic, and product orders and more time seeing what products are resonating with our customers and focus on providing similar items for the same success.”

Recent news

Shoutlet Social Media Management Platform Completes $6 Million Series B Funding


Pricing ranges from $500 to several thousand per month based on users, usage and account service needs.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Shoutlet competes with other companies that offer products and services for social media management, although none is as comprehensive as Shoutlet’s flagship platform. Many of our competitors began life as social media agencies and now offer a mixture of service and software tools. We differ from the competition in two distinct ways: 1) They offer both tools and creative services, whereas Shoutlet provides a platform for companies to manage their own campaigns; 2) They are focused predominantly on Facebook management, whereas Shoutlet incorporates more than 100 social outposts, Social CRM, widget building, email and mobile marketing, and true social commerce.”

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