What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Postling

Postling helps small businesses manage all their social media accounts, schedule updates, get email alerts and track their online reputation. After the jump - what you need to know about Postling.

Postling helps small businesses manage their social media accounts, schedule updates, get email alerts and track their online reputation.
Built specifically with the small business owner in mind, Postling is designed to address the needs of an individual who only has five minutes a day to maintain multiple social media accounts. Among the features to improve the efficiency of social media marketing are a daily email recap of newest comments, reviews and web tracking results; update scheduling; and comment aggregation, email alerts and an analytics dashboard to monitor follower engagement.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns
Postling is designed to cut out the noise of social media marketing with email notifications and a dashboard showing most recent comments, reviews and web-tracking results at a glance on a single, constantly refreshed page.
Coolest feature
Postling sends email alerts when people write on a brand’s Facebook page, @ replies on Twitter and other activities. Responses can be posted from the email application without needing to click out to the specific social network or the Postling website.

Feature rundown

  • Cross-posting, comment aggregation and scheduling through Postling for simplified management of multiple social media platforms.
  • Postling Daily Digest email recaps activity across accounts over the past 24 hours to review what’s been said and what needs response.
  • Online reputation tracking of keywords and reviews from sites such as Yelp and Citysearch.
  • Multiple user accounts can be created with granular permissions to protect passwords while letting others post.

User profile
The ideal Postling users are small business owners who need a tool to help them manage all of their social media accounts, something that can help them get accomplish social media tasks quickly and back to running their business.

User review
“Like many other real estate professionals, I have been working to incorporate social media marketing as part of my overall strategic business plan. One of the things I have implemented within the last year was a Facebook ‘business’ page. My biggest frustration has been the inability to know when someone commented on my page – unless I literally leave a browser tab open all day and check it obsessively. I heard about Postling in the fall and started using it. I loved that I received an email notifying me of a comment. It gave me the freedom to NOT be tethered to my computer. The recent addition of being able to reply directly via email is even better!” – Nikki Beauchamp, New York City-based real estate agent
Recent news
In January, Postling announced it had raised an additional $350,000 in seed funding from angel investors.

Compared to competition
According to the company, “Every feature we create is done so strictly with the small business owner in mind. We aren’t building a tool for social media marketers who sit in front of their computers all day (although they’re welcome to use us!), we build it for the busy owner who needs to be incredibly efficient with their social media habits. We help them recognize what needs to be dealt with so they can respond quickly, post in an efficient manner, and aggregate all of the information that they need to gauge their online reputation.”
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