What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About mPACT

mPACT, just released by mBLAST, is a web-based marketing tool that identifies the influencers brands and agencies need to target, based on authority, currency, relevancy, volume and other key data points. After the jump - what you need to know about mPACT.

mPACT helps brands and agencies engage with the influencers who matter most to their target markets. This web-based tool constantly indexes millions of data streams from 700,000 publications and other media sources. Then, the mPACT engine utilizes patent-pending processes and algorithms to identify Influencers based on authority, currency, relevancy, volume and other key data points.

mPACT is designed to provide actionable information via an customizable dashboard and a set of reports.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

mPACT assists brands and agencies answer critical marketing questions: Who’s my market listening to? Who can I target to help spread my message? What are these influencers saying about my company, products and competitors? What opportunities am I missing to engage with my key influencers?

Coolest feature

mPACT bases influence scoring and media monitoring on topical relevancy. Upon signing up, users simply enter a set of keywords or areas of interest.

Feature rundown

  • mPACT Dashboard provides a high-level overview of the mPACT scores for brands, their competitors and top Influencers. Clicking on any contact name or source name opens their profile. mPACT can be customized based on any keywords. Tabs allow creation and customization of dashboards for different keywords, products, people, etc.


  • mPACT Article Volume Report is an at-a-glance landscape view of article/blog coverage of user-selected topics, companies and competitors. These are listed by date of the individual articles and blog entries tracked by mPACT. The number of “mentions” in articles and blogs each company has received can be viewed for the timeframe indicated, as well as the cumulative coverage trend.

  • Based on the keywords selected, mPACT finds matching articles, blogs and social media content. mPACT then analyzes the authors of these articles, blogs, posts and tweets to determine who is most influential. The results, displayed on the mPACT Influencer Map, are based on relevancy, currency, authority, volume and other key metrics. Users can choose to view results for all publications or just selected Media that Matters publications.

  • mPACT Social Media Report is designed to show users who is influencing their market within the realm of social media. mPACT constantly monitors millions of feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, FriendFeed and other social sources. Views can be segmented over a range of time periods (from four hours to 30 days) and drilled deeper to view the number of actual mentions. Volume and changes in volume over the previous period for can be viewed for brands and their competitors.

  • mPACT Opportunities Report displays awards programs, editorial calendar opportunities, call for speakers, buyer’s guides and directories offered by publications, event organizers, associations and other influencer opportunities that match the topics choosen.

User profile

mPACT is for marketing and PR professionals in companies and agencies of all sizes who are responsible for marketing either single products or multiple clients.

Recent news

On May 3, 2011, mBlast released a free version of mPACT that allows users to enter a keyword or topic and discover the top 10 influential voices.


Per-user pricing ranges from $495/year to $2,995/year, based on the number of companies and markets tracked.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Unlike other tools, mPACT does not measure influence by popularity, but rather based on whether or not potential Influencers are talking about the things that matter to your audience, and then measuring if they have authority, reach and other values that allow them to carry a message on your behalf and to your benefit. mPACT is based on the premise that if someone is not writing, tweeting, blogging or singing from a street corner about the things that matter to your market, they cannot have influence over your market – no matter how big their audience. mPACT mines the topically-relevant discussions across all forms of media (not just Twitter) to find those that really matter in determining influence.”

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