What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Blue Calypso

Blue Calypso is an advertising platform designed to provide a single solution for four key advertising strategies: word of mouth, social media, mobile and customer loyalty rewards.After the jump — what you need to know about Blue Calypso.

Blue Calypso is an advertising platform designed to provide a single solution for four key advertising strategies: word of mouth, social media, mobile and customer loyalty rewards.

Advertisers launch display campaigns on Calyp, Blue Calypso’s consumer brand loyalty program, available free online and as an app for iPhone and Android. Their customers use Calyp to “endorse” and distribute their campaigns virally, friend-to-friend, over personal texts and social media posts. “Endorsers” participate for cash rewards, with earnings based on the campaign’s distribution success. Advertisers provide loyalty rewards and have the opportunity to bring the cash earnings back by offering special purchase incentives.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Blue Calypso’s ad-rendering and analytics engine can help advertisers measure ROI from social marketing programs and convert the social media audience into paying customers.

Coolest feature

Personally endorsed friend-to-friend display ad delivery.

Feature rundown

  • Deliver and measure campaigns with multiple calls to action, including point of sale, geo-location specific offers and metered mobile coupon redemptions.
  • Serve multiple creative display ads within the same campaign, targeting such specific conditions as geo-location, day of week, time of day and weather conditions.
  • Single and multiple brand accounts. Agency accounts allow for campaign and content co-administration with clients.
  • Analytics and reporting, including time and location data, distribution methods, engagement consumption, and endorser demographics and interests data.

Calyp features:

  • Endorser personalized profile by interest.
  • Customizable endorsement messages from endorsers.
  • Campaign delivery options include SMS, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Endorsers paid their cash earnings by credit loaded onto their Blue Calypso Visa Prepaid Debit Card; provided real time earnings, activity and balance.
  • Activiy points act as chances to win weekly Calyp prizes.

User profile

Blue Calypso customers are brands interested in marketing via friend-to-friend conversation and discovery, in order to turn brand loyalists into brand endorsers and promoters.

User review

“Blue Calypso’s value proposition is that it lives within the users world of engagements. The end result is very much like the ‘heard affect’. Blue Calypso is the first company that I have seen that really understands that it is the ‘B’ to ‘C’ AND ‘C’ to ‘C’ where the massaging needs to be, and most importantly, ‘discovered’. Let’s face it, this is ‘Pop Culture’ 101 and this product delivers on all sides. Everyone Wins!” — James R. Hallam, Vice President Marketing, Ben E. Keith Company, Beverage Division


Performance-based pricing based on campaign cycle. Metrics are cost per impression, cost per social media post, cost per full display campaign view, cost per action (click-thru) and cost per additional action.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Reach and frequency defined traditional marketing and advertising, reach and participation drives the success of today’s social campaigning. While emails, likes and follows allow marketers to reach existing customers, we enable brand relationships with them. By giving them a stake in the distribution success of campaigns partnered with loyalty rewards, they are motivated to evangelize the brand; inviting them further into the company’s culture. Our analytics enable our customers opportunities for maintaining mind share, increasing calls to action, building brand relationships and nurturing their customer loyalty to grow their business. They can see how their Endorsers are delivering their campaigns, where they are getting the most traction and which calls to action are seeing the most activity.”


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