78 Social Media Apps and Services Marketers Need to Know

Need help measuring or monetizing your social media activities? After the jump, check out the apps in our popular "What You Should Know" series - one is bound to come to your rescue!

Our “What You Need to Know” series of application profiles has been helping brands and agencies select the most appropriate tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns.

Need to improve your social media monitoring, engagement or monitization? Check these out – one is bound to come to your rescue! [Updated November 30, 2011}

Alterian SM2

Business intelligence solution designed to capture and analyze data from social media channels to monitor brands, identify key communities/influencers, address customer service issues, conduct unbiased research and generate sales leads.

Argyle Social

Argyle Social is a social media dashboard designed to assist professional marketers in executing campaigns and optimizing their social ROI. Its approach is modeled on a social sales funnel oriented to conversions and revenue, not just clicks and retweets.

Awareness Social Marketing Hub

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub is designed for marketers to publish, manage, measure and engage across all their social channels — Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube — from one central location. In addition to multichannel publishing and aggregated cross-channel reporting, it offers centralized comment and conversation management, social profiling and team workflow with permissioning.

Blue Calypso

Blue Calypso is an advertising platform designed to provide a single solution for four key advertising strategies: word of mouth, social media, mobile and customer loyalty rewards.


Brandwatch is a full range of social media monitoring tools and services. It cleans and analyzes brand coverage; is designed to find insights, prioritize actions, respond and engage, and supports user-created reports and dashboards.


Bre.ad creates customized digital billboards that can be used to recommend causes, brands and interests. Followers see the personalized billboard for five seconds when they click on links created using the Bre.ad link shortener and are then automatically redirected to the target link.

Buddy Media Platform

Facebook management system to connect brands with their current and future customers and allowing them to launch, maintain and measure their Facebook presence across multiple countries and languages.


Cinchcast provides companies with a way to create, share, measure and monetize branded audio content to their target audiences. The platform enables marketers to create and leverage interactive audio content on their company website and syndicated to social media platforms.


CMP.LY is designed to provide an easy to understand solution for required disclosures, allowing users to easily scale efforts, manage process and address regulatory compliance in all forms of social media marketing with documented audit trails and reporting.

Compass Labs

Compass Labs’ real-time social media solution is designed to target potential buyers and improve engagement, conversion and ROI for advertisers.

Context Optional Social Marketing Suite

An integrated, SaaS solution that enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently build, monitor, manage and measure their brand presence on Facebook capable of supporting a large number of pages, administrators and fans.


Suite of social media listening products to turn the vast, unstructured, unprompted online conversation into a rich source of meaningful insights, intelligence and information.


Conversocial is a scalable customer service platform for Facebook and Twitter designed to reduce the risks of social media marketing. With collaborative workflow, automation and prioritization, teams can filter comments that need to be dealt with quickly, reducing the chances that important issues will be overlooked.

Crimson Hexagaon Forsight

Crimson Hexagon’s social media monitoring and analysis platform, ForSight, is designed to give companies actionable insight into consumer opinion of brands, products, services, competitors or any important topic from the billions of conversations happening online.

Direct Message Lab’s REACH

REACH v4, from Direct Message Lab, allows brands to manage multiple channels – social network pages and profiles, as well as social, mobile and desktop applications. The platform includes native marketing tools, including social loyalty programs, social sweepstakes and e-mail sharing. REACH also delivers user and content metrics and builds user profiles synchronized across all channels to give brands a view of users, content and engagement.