What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Taraci Social Media Mgr

The Taraci Social MediaMgr an incentive marketing application allows organizations to host and run employee incentive marketing programs — including length of service, sales, wellness, safety, recognition and referral — entirely through Facebook.After the jump — what you need to know about the Taraci Social MediaMgr.

The Taraci Social MediaMgr™, from Taraci Motivation, is an incentive marketing application that allows organizations to host and run employee incentive marketing programs — including length of service, sales, wellness, safety, recognition and referral — entirely through Facebook.

The application is designed to improve corporations’ presence in social media by building their corporate communities and increasing the number of their followers on Facebook.

Coolest feature

The Taraci Social Media Mgr allows an organization to integrate the social and communications tools of Facebook into traditional incentive marketing programs. For example, the ‘like’ feature can be used to show friends and family a product users like within the catalog. Opinions can be posted to the wall. Participants can also ‘send’ messages to friends, family and co-workers to get feedback on their product selection or to let them know about their achievements in the workplace.

How it works

  1. A branded incentive marketing catalog is created for the corporation’s Facebook page.
  2. Once the program is officially launched, participants are directed to the corporation’s official Facebook Page.
  3. By entering their username and password, employees can see their point totals and redeem rewards.


Feature rundown

  • For corporations: Communicate real-time incentive marketing program updates, from adding rewards to celebrating winners. Engage in a daily two-way dialogue with participants, not feasible with traditional online or print incentive programs.
  • For participants: The application is part of their Facebook experience, accessed from multiple devices.

User profile

CEOs, sales & marketing executives and human resources executives who are responsible for creating incentive marketing programs for their company.

These programs can include:

  • Length of service — Rewards employees on their employment anniversary date
  • Sale incentives — Rewards salespeople for reaching their goals
  • Wellness programs — Rewards employees for achieving health & fitness goals
  • Safety programs — Rewards workers for reducing workplace accidents, reducing absenteeism
  • Recognition programs — Rewards employees for accomplishing a specific task, or tasks, over a period of time
  • Referral programs — Rewards employees or customers for recommending a new client


Incentive marketing programs are customized based on the organization’s specific goals and budget. The cost of the application is included in a typical incentive marketing program.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “This is the first and only incentive marketing Facebook application available in the marketplace. Taraci Motivation’s 28-plus years of experience creating incentive marketing programs coupled with our technology expertise is what differentiates our organization. For example, the firm created the first online incentive program for Merrill Lynch in 1995. The firm is also know for building a variety of global incentive programs for blue chip organizations. Finally, Taraci publishes the Taraci Collection, which features the best of the best products available for incentive programs.”


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