Another Facebook IM

Social.imMike Arrington has posted about another Facebook IM service that is currently offered for the P.C. I went ahead and installed it and it immediately crashed. The idea of a Facebook IM service is a great one though and it’s nothing new. FriendVox has been offering Facebook IM services for a while now. Both applications have been facing challenges with debugging though.

The second time around the application worked without crashing. There was only one contact on the service though. I tried chatting with Paul Reilly and it appeared to work pretty well. IM alerts pop-up in the corner of your screen everytime you receive a message which is pretty nice. Additionally, it’s pretty nice to have the images automatically loaded directly into your buddy list.

The instant message client is extremely basic. There is a buddy list and IM windows. That’s it. There are also links to your wall posts, friend statuses and more but they are only links and don’t load within the application. It would be nice if you could mouse over a user and view their status. Additionally, I’d like to be able to view appended user profiles within the application. This is a great start as a Facebook instant messenger client. It will be interesting to see how these evolve over the coming months.