Socialcam, Zoosk, Pinterest, games, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by DAU

Socialcam topped our list of growing Facebook applications by daily active users with 4.4 million new DAU. There were a few other video apps, dating app Zoosk, website integrations, Pinterest, and several games, horoscopes and more.

The titles below grew between 300,000 and 4.4 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Socialcam8,300,000+4,400,000+ 113%
2.  Zoosk3,900,000+3,120,000+ 400%
3.  Click Video2,800,000+2,060,000+ 278%
4.  Yahoo! Social Bar4,500,000+1,700,000+ 61%
5.  Horóscopo Diário1,700,000+1,640,000+ 2,733%
6.  9GAG1,600,000+1,470,000+ 1,131%
7.  Pinterest2,500,000+1,400,000+ 127%
8.  Chill1,300,000+990,000+ 319%
9.  Norton Safe Web850,000+820,000+ 2,733%
10.  Zynga Game Bar840,000+820,000+ 4,100%
11.  Horóscopo do Dia550,000+520,000+ 1,733%
12.  Candy Crush Saga1,800,000+500,000+ 38%
13.  Mynet800,000+500,000+ 167%
14.  Scribd1,000,000+440,000+ 79%
15.  Bubble Witch Saga6,400,000+400,000+ 7%
16.  Zapkolik1,200,000+350,000+ 41%
17.  Mystic Ice Blast350,000+320,000+ 1,067%
18.  Daily Horoscope320,000+310,000+ 3,100%
19.  Marvel: Avengers Alliance1,500,000+300,000+ 25%
20.  Skype2,700,000+300,000+ 13%

Socialcam beat out the next-highest app, dating service Zoosk, by more than 1 million DAU. Other video apps, Click Video and Chill, also made the list.

The Yahoo! Social Bar is picking up daily active users again after a temporary dip. The comedic site 9GAG is also growing after a period of decline. A pair of Turkish sites, Mynet and Zapkolik made the list. Then there were three different horoscope apps, in Spanish, Portuguese and English. These apps usually post automatically to the feed once used.

Games were led by the Zynga Game Bar, followed by Candy Crush Saga. Then the Timeline Pinterest app made the list, in addition to a computer security app and file sharing site.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.