SocialCafe: Record up to five minutes of audio for your pictures on iOS

New iOS app SocialCafe allows users to record audio on their device and connect it to an image from their camera roll, before sharing it with friends or storing it in the cloud. While not the first app to offer audio commentary on top of images, SocialCafe supports up to five minutes of audio with each image to really get the point of the moment across.

“SocialCafe lets users record up to 5 minutes of audio with any photo,” says app developer Scott Carter. “Parents can add the atmosphere of an MLB stadium to a picture of a child’s little league baseball game, or add the sound of their kids’ laughter to their smiling photo. What’s great about SocialCafe is that instead of just capturing the moment, you get to save the entire memory.”

SocialCafe allows users to take new photos or import pictures from their camera roll. Once the audio has been recorded, users can add an optional text title and description to the project for more detail. Projects can be saved back to the user’s Dropbox account, but can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. These projects are viewable by others within their browser or on mobile.

SocialCafe is available to download for free on iOS. Other audio-image apps include SpeakingPhoto and Eevzdrop, among others.