SocialBuzz and Scoremaster Appear on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s AppData list of the fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users mostly contains more of the same familiar apps that have been showing up for days or weeks, but also surfaces a few hidden gems that we haven’t spotted before:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original SocialBuzz822,340+482,197+142%
2.Original Phrases3,978,610+251,370+7%
3.App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder1,031,022+206,152+25%
4.App_2_122353571139137_4163 The Price Is Right Game253,605+199,242+367%
5.Original Pet Society2,677,253+187,093+8%
6.App_2_90376669494_1016 Yahoo!2,099,635+172,712+9%
7.Original Pirates Ahoy754,747+157,444+26%
8.Original scoremaster147,775+138,585+1,508%
9.Original Ninja Saga1,008,422+125,732+14%
10.App_2_121754687869283_9419 snsplus139,762+110,615+380%
11.Original Bejeweled Blitz4,305,236+107,079+3%
12.Original MMA Pro Fighter263,787+95,277+57%
13.Original 開心水族箱1,426,889+90,246+7%
14.App_2_126473777365966_9414 Kohl’s Cares184,019+89,646+95%
15.Original Bubble Island928,411+81,097+10%
16.Original 開心農場1,338,251+72,872+6%
17.Original Millionaire City1,363,328+68,633+5%
18.Original Quiz Planet514,519+67,931+15%
19.Original Sorority Life618,456+66,283+12%
20.Original Monster World531,666+63,956+14%

SocialBuzz leads off, enjoying the same huge growth boost that placed it atop this week’s monthly active user gain list. It’s currently approaching a million DAU, an unusually high number for a friend quiz. Phrases, meanwhile, is about to cross four million DAU with its user-generated lists of quotes.

The first game to come up is City of Wonder, by Playdom; this is another app that has been leading the lists for a couple of weeks. The Price Is Right Game has showed up more recently, but looks like it might be as much of a hit on Facebook as it was in 80s television.

Skipping down, Scoremaster has an English name, but is actually a Polish-developed app that involves betting on games. It actually does offer other languages (including English), but appears to be built only for the European market, as United States fans aren’t offered an option for their country.

And at number 14, check out Kohl’s Cares, an app that has attracted several million people to vote for a $500,000 prize for their school district (out of a total prize pool of $10 million). The competition is already over, but the app is still bringing in users for now.