Socialbrowse Makes Web Browsing Social

Web browsing can be a lonely activity if you don’t share what you find in the web with friends, discuss what you’ve stumbled upon and find out about what your friends are browsing and discovering on the web. But Socialbrowse is hoping to change that by offering a service that lets you share and discuss web items in real time as well as receive real time broadcast from your friends and contacts which you have pre-selected.

Socialbrowse is currently a Firefox extension/plug-in only. But it seems that other browsers would be supported in the future as well. As Firefox add-on, Socialbrowse lets you share links to your friends, similar to Twitter’s “Follow” system.

You can view these links in three ways – from the Socialbrowse homepage where you have to login using your Socialbrowse account, from the Firefox sidebar which automatically pops up when you’ve installed the add-on or as icons which are embedded on webpages or blog sites. When your friends and contacts share links, their profile picture will pop-out of your browser together with links that they are sharing. It’s like the “new email alerting” functions of most web-based email clients.

In a way, Socialbrowse also acts as a filter for you since those links are recommended by people you like or probably have similar interest as yours. It saves you time as well since users of Socialbrowse can freely discuss what those links are about.

Socialbrowse is another simple application or service with a touch of social networking while at the same time fulfiling a good purpose for all of us citizens of these world wide social web.

Want to learn more about Socialbrowse? It only takes two minutes to watch this video.