Socialbakers releases Q1 data, finds Facebook rules for customer care


Socialbakers, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, released its Socially Devoted report for Q1 2014, finding that Facebook is the leader when it comes to customer care.

The report found that brands use Facebook over Twitter as the platform of choice to respond to customer questions. Globally, brands use Facebook respond to more customer questions compared to Twitter, with 65 percent of questions being answered directly. In comparison, Twitter has more than 10 million user posts that go unanswered by brands each quarter.

Brands do feel the importance of social customer care. The report found that in Q1 2014 the number of questions asked grew by 1 percent while the number of answers on Facebook grew by 7 percent.

Other tidbits from the study include:

  • Customers are shy to ask questions, with 25 percent of users posts to Pages being questions;
  • The telecom industry is the leader in social care adoption at 37 percent, receiving the highest demand in customer inquiries from Facebook. This is followed by airlines at 21 percent, and retail at 12 percent; and
  • The top three industries with the best response rates are mail and shipping, airlines and telecom.

Q1 Socially Devoted_Facebook

 Top image courtesy of KLM’s Facebook page.