The First Social TV Guide App Hits iPhone & Android

There’s no question about it—the future of TV is social. And SocialGuide is upping the social ante with the launch of their social guide and TV companion app for iPhone and Android.

There’s no question about it—the future of TV is social.  And SocialGuide is upping the social ante with the launch of their social guide and TV companion app for iPhone and Android.  The new app features a social programming guide, genre filter and social streams and offers a new, smart way for users to discover and watch TV.

SocialGuide is the world’s first real-time, social guide for TV.  Their Social Programming Guide (“SPG”) ranks programs as they air, based upon their real-time social popularity.  They view their SPG as a refreshing alternative to the traditional electronic programming guide (“EPG”), which lists the shows that are currently airing with no specific order or ranking.

According to a press release, users of the SocialGuide app need only to input their cable or TV provider information and SocialGuide will provide localized channel information.  Users can then discover content that is currently airing on their local channels.  Users can sort through what’s on to discover content using a variety of options including a genre filter that allows users to filter trending shows according to category (i.e. series, reality show, movie, sports, news, etc.), or according to their popularity in social streams.

The press release explains how the SocialGuide app enhances the social element of TV viewing.  “For any program with social activity, SocialGuide provides filtered social streams so that users can follow along with the social conversation about that program.”  Users can monitor social comments from “Everyone”, or view a “Friends” stream, to see only what friends in their social networks are saying.  Additionally, “for thousands of programs and sporting events, SocialGuide has programmed the official social accounts for the stars and athletes, allowing users to enjoy what the “Cast & Team” has said about that program.”  Users are also free to share what they are watching and send comments to Twitter and Facebook, directly from the app.

Sean Casey, founder and CEO of SocialGuide, says, “More and more, TV watching is becoming a two-screen experience, where viewers are engaging with another device while watching TV.  SocialGuide and its apps make it easier for TV viewers to decide which shows to watch, while also allowing them to interact with friends, fellow fans, cast members and athletes as they watch their favorite programming.  The real opportunity for a social experience around TV happens as TV airs, and we’re excited to extend our website’s capabilities to mobile devices in order to make the two-screen experience even better.”  Hear more about social TV from Sean Casey in a post I wrote earlier this year.

Have you tried out the SocialGuide app or do you think you’ll be downloading it?  Let us know in the comments below.

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.