Social TV community app Beamly updated with new features and celebrity involvement

beamly 650

It’s been two months since social TV community app zeebox was rebranded to Beamly, and the change has done wonders for the app’s growth. With a 30 percent monthly growth in its user base, and the announcement of new features for the platform, Beamly hopes to continue ballooning into the best social community for TV viewers available on iOS and Android.

Via this update, both users and television personalities (from shows like Big Brother and Bad Girls Club) can now post animated selfies to the app. Meanwhile, the My Guide feature offers users a personalized TV guide based on the shows they follow and the “TV Rooms,” or show communities, users interact with.

While users have always been able to chat with others in the app’s TV Rooms, a change to Beamly’s user profiles now gives users the option to post directly to another user’s feed. Finally, the “Best of Beamly 24/7” feature gives users a quick look at the hottest trending topics and conversations within the app, which update in real time.

“We’ve built a one of a kind destination where fans are directly engaging with TV talent and each other 24×7 in organic, show-centric experiences over entire seasons, not hours. We’ve simply never seen the amount of interaction and engagement between fans, celebrities and casual followers across Beamly,” said Jason Forbes, EVP and US managing director of Beamly. “The new features make the overall experience more personalized and takes that level of connectedness to the next level.”

To celebrate the launch of the app’s Animated Selfies feature, as well as the beginning of Big Brother Season 16, users are encouraged to follow past Big Brother housemates on the platform and best their best animated selfie to the service. These former Big Brother contestants will vote for their favorite animated selfies, with the winner receiving a cash prize. More information on the contest is available on Beamly’s website.

Beamly is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.