Social Trendcasting with Edopter, Anyone?

Social Trendcasting is a fairly new trend, buzzword that may actually be the next best thing in the Web 2.0 environment. If we are to look at social trendcasting closely, it’s a hybrid of web trendcasting popularized by major search engines’ keyword popularity analytics tool such as Yahoo Buzz and Google Zeitgeist. But these two web tools based their analysis of what is popular on which keywords are widely used in web searches. Social trendcasting on the other hand uses the power of the crowd to determine what is the current trend and also to create a new trend. New social trendcasting site Edopter wants to be the leader in this new web 2.0 niche.

Edopter as a social trendcasting tool combines insights and worldwide buzz to determine the next big thing. Through sharing and discussion, everyone can create and follow trends, and then watch these trends spread across the world to become the next big thing. Simply put, it puts the power of the web on to the web users’ hands.

To start and discover or create trends, You can either browse and search for the current emerging trends and when you find something that interests you, you may participate and spread the word about it. Hence you become part of the social trendcasting. You can also start building your own trend through Edopter.

To promote and contribute on the trends that you think would be the next big thing, Edopter lets you create your own elevator pitch for that trend. You can even use images and videos, links to other sites, blogs or forums which are discussing about the trend and start your own discussion about the trend that you are promoting.

Once you have established these things, that’s when Edopter comes in. It analyses the buzz you’ve created about the trend, analyses the current internet buzz relating to that trend and considers the time that this trend takes to get the buzz out to come out with a trend score using its trend algorithms.

The fun doesn’t stop from the time that Edopter gives out the score for your Trend. Edopter also offers other fun and useful tools all relating to social trendcasting. You can track the growth of the trends you’ve established, find out who are also promoting the same trends and you can even watch and learn how trends hit it big or go down deep into failure.

Social trendcasting maybe the next big thing to hit the web 2.0 niche. And Edopter wants to help you get into the trend. Try it and enjoy.