Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – Feast On These Thanksgiving Social Media Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, so what are you thankful for?

How about social media? Users of social networking sites are certainly grateful for Thanksgiving itself, particularly when it comes to eating – the phrase ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ is picking up tens of thousands of mentions on Twitter, with stuffing cited as the side dish of choice amongst participants.

(Although, on Pinterest, photos of green beans are, oddly, getting the most pins. I guess you have to be there.)

Pumpkin pie is edging out apple pie as the top dessert, while the New York Times, PBS and Men’s Heath magazine rate as the top social influencers who are talking about turkey.

These, and other Thanksgiving social media facts, can be found in the infographic below.

(Source: Viralheat. Thanksgiving turkey image via Shutterstock.)