Have You Taken A “Social Vacation” This Summer?

Look at the picture on the right. It’s pretty idyllic – the very definition of a summer vacation. A cloudless sky, gently lapping waves, golden sand and a relaxing lounge chair on the shore… oh, and a smartphone and computer (and maybe even Google’s Project Glass in the near future).

Does your vacation look like this? Or do you manage to ditch the devices and fight the urge to tweet while getting your tan on?

I was recently away for an oh-so-glorious two week vacation. But in my world, vacations aren’t really “vacations” unless they involve the total unplugging from Twitter, Facebook and my other social profiles.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I tweeted only 14 times the whole two weeks. That’s twice a day on average, but most days I was off the grid. Compare this to my roughly 10 to 20 tweets a day, and you can see how I restrained myself. I also rarely posted to Facebook, and didn’t once upload a photo to Instagram.

Twitter is my favorite social tool out there (which, being a contributor to AllTwitter, I bet you could have guessed). But it can skew towards being more of a demand than a benefit if you’re not careful.

While I’m on vacation, I don’t want to feel the tiny tugging at my mind every few hours, wondering if there’s an article I should be sharing, someone I need to reply to or a DM I have to respond to. I don’t want to look at every monument and natural beauty thinking “Oh this would make a nice pic to tweet!”. I want my mind to be free, able to fully enjoy time with my loved ones without the pressures of updating those I’m not with about my every moves.

What about you? Do you unplug from Twitter and other social networks when you go on vacation? Or are you able to juggle it all while still relaxing in the sun? Let us know in the comments below, or tell me your thoughts directly at @lauren_dugan.

(Business man on beach with phone image via Shutterstock)