Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – How Social Are The Social Networks? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have proven themselves as wonderful marketing tools for modern businesses, allowing brands of all shapes and sizes to engage with customers, fans and prospects around the world.

But what about the social networks themselves – how well do they engage?

Social media management company Expion examined the social behaviour of eight of the top social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and Foursquare – and monitored how they engaged with their fans on Facebook from January 1-31 this year.

And the results? Facebook was designated the most social social brand, with an engagement score of 16.26, ahead of Pinterest (8.17), Instagram (7.54), Stumbleupon (6.30) and LinkedIn (4.48).

Twitter managed a measly 1.86 rating, finishing last overall.

Other findings of note:

  • The eight social networks averaged 32 posts per month, with Stumbleupon sending a whopping 902, and Facebook just six
  • Each post received an average of 657 comments and/or Likes, with Facebook averaging 115,000, and LinkedIn just 64
  • LinkedIn had the most active fans, Facebook and Twitter the least

Of course, Facebook was always going to do well on Facebook – no surprise there – and you’d expect a very different outcome if this study was undertaken on Twitter. Or, to be honest, almost anywhere else.

(Source: AllFacebook.)