Which Social Network Is Right For Your Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2012, five different social networks staked their claim as the most important platforms in this entire space – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. While you can make a good case for the inclusion of other social networks such as Instagram and Reddit, brands looking to get started in social media should absolutely concentrate on the top five.

But, if you’re new to social marketing, taking on all of these channels at once would be a mistake. There’s a steep learning curve in social media and it differs from network to network – for example, what’s recommended and works on Twitter isn’t necessarily going to see the same results on Pinterest. There’s a lot of work involved (overnight success stories are very few and far between), and, particularly for SMBs, you’ll get much better results by focusing your efforts on one or two platforms, rather than spreading yourself thinly across everything.

So, which social network is right for YOUR business?

This infographic takes a closer look at small business and social media, providing an overview of the five main services, need to know terms and seven tips for getting started.

(Source: Purolator.)