Facebook, Pinterest Outperform Twitter For Traffic, Sales To Retail Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently we looked at a study from Amazon-owned Zappos that revealed that Twitter generated ten times more revenue for their platform than Facebook and Pinterest combined.

This study contrasted somewhat with previous data, which suggested that Pinterest users were a better source of referral traffic to websites than either Twitter or Facebook.

Well, now we have another study. And guess what? Yep. It says that Facebook generates the lion’s share of shoppers to retail websites. Can’t we all just get along?

RichRevelance studied data from more than 689 million online shopping sessions that took place between January 1 and August 31 of this year, and discovered that Facebook was responsible for 86 percent of social referrals, ahead of Pinterest (11 percent) and Twitter (3 percent). Facebook users also generated 2.5 times as many page views as Twitter and almost twice as many as Pinterest.

However, while Facebook shoppers also lead in revenue generated per visit, Pinterest users delivered the highest overall average order value (AOV).

(Source: RichRevelance. Shopping cart image via Shutterstock.)

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