Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email – How Social Sharing Drives Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social sharing drives eCommerce sales, but all shares are not created equally.

Email still leads the way, and by some distance, with the average email share especially valuable as it’s almost always a one-to-one forward (from one friend directly to another), and leads to an average dollar conversation rate of eight times that of Facebook, and more than ten times that of Twitter.

This data comes courtesy of a study from AddShoppers, who analysed $5 million worth eCommerce transactions influenced by their social platform, and discovered that the average sharer is a 25-34 year-old male who lives in the U.S. and is (of course) most likely to be on Facebook. However, and perhaps surprisingly, the top social network for value was Google+, which generated an average return almost three times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.

However, Facebook (38.76 percent) and Twitter (20.22 percent) were some distance ahead of Google+ (6.55 percent) in overall percentage of social revenue, largely due to the relative active user bases. Google+ was also dwarfed by email (16.28 percent) and Pinterest (12.64 percent) in this metric.

Apparel is the category that is shared most by social shoppers, ahead of general/multi products and electronics, and while cameras were shown to be the least-shared category in the study, they generate the highest value per social share.

(Source: AddShoppers. Share button image via Shutterstock.)

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