The Financial Risks Of Sharing Too Much On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has been a global phenomenon for less than a decade, but the concept of sharing information online on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with friends, family, co-workers, clients, contacts and, yes, complete strangers, has become effectively second-nature.

We just do it.

Which is all well and good, right up until the point when you share just a little too much and it all goes horribly wrong.

Indeed, studies have shown that close to three in five (58 percent) of consumers have shared details over social media that put them at risk for fraud and identity theft, and 20 percent have provided them home address on these channels. This infographic from Visa takes a closer look at the financial risks of sharing too much information online.

(Source: Visa. Lock and key image: CyberGhostVPN via Flickr.)