Twitter, Facebook, Google – Social Login And Sharing Trends Across The Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do people use social media to share content? Which of these platforms are they using to manage their social identify when logging in to sites around the web?

New data from Janrain reveals that while Facebook dominates both of these fields, Twitter commands a huge slice of the social sharing pie, and is starting to make waves as the social login of choice.

Janrain has produced this infographic to illustrate their findings. Key takeaways:

  • Facebook accounts for 42 percent of all social logins, leading Google (29 percent) and Yahoo (11 percent), which is being caught by Twitter (8 percent)
  • In mobile logins, Facebook is tied with Google at 37 percent, ahead of Yahoo (12 percent) and Twitter (10 percent)
  • Facebook commands a mighty 54 percent of all social sharing, ahead of second-placed Twitter (34 percent) and Yahoo (7 percent)

When you consider that the Twitter login button is rarely seen around the web, certainly compared to Facebook, those numbers are pretty healthy for Jack Dorsey et al. With a bigger push – perhaps by championing itself as the anonymous login of choice – Twitter’s numbers would likely go through the roof.

(Source: Janrain. Top image credit: amasterphotographer via Shutterstock.)