The Social Media Sharing Habits Of Men And Women [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who do you think shares more about themselves on their favourite social media sites: men or women?

uSamp surveyed 600 men and women about how they share personal information socially online, including education, income, occupation, race, religion, political affiliations and shopping preferences, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, discovered a clear gender gap between the sexes.

While women are share details about their relationships, jobs, brand preferences, political affiliations and religious stance essentially as regularly as men, they’re significantly less likely to share more personal information, such as their phone number, email address, postal address or anything that might put their personal security at risk.

The survey revealed that, amongst respondents, Facebook was the most popular social media site by far, with 81.2 percent using that platform, compared to 33.2 percent for Twitter and 21.3 percent for LinkedIn.

(Source: uSamp. Top image credit: Djordje Radivojevic via Shutterstock.)

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