Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ And The Social Sharing Avalanche [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social media boom continues.

Collectively, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ now have well over one billion users, and more than half of these log into their favorite social network each and every day.

Moreover, the numbers are on the rise. Facebook may be nearing its audience peak in the United States, Europe and UK, but the platform still has a huge, and largely untapped audience across the rest of the world. Twitter, still a minnow (relatively) compared to Facebook, has enormous growth potential in virtually every country.

We’ve taken a closer look at the phenomenon of social sharing more than once at AllTwitter, and this infographic from Voltier Digital and Plastick Media takes a fresh look at the data.

Key takeaways

  • Social media site usage accounts for 24 percent of all time online
  • In 60 seconds of social media, 500,000 updates are made on Facebook, 48 hours of video are posted to YouTube, 2,000 people check in on FourSquare and 3,500 photos are uploaded to Flickr (see here for more on this phenomenon)
  • If Facebook was a country, its 800 million users would make it the world’s third largest
  • Generally, social networking skews towards women – 56 percent of users are female, and only LinkedIn is dominated by males
  • It’s not all gravy – while around 80 percent of online Americans have joined a social network, not all participate. Some 47 percent of Twitter accounts are inactive, and while 50 percent of Facebook’s users log in each and every day, this means (logically) that the other 50 percent do not

(Source: Voltier Digital and Plastick Media.)