Twitter: 13.5% Of All Social Sharing In 2011, Up 576.9% (But Facebook Is 4x Bigger) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Back in October we looked at data from social sharing service AddThis, which analyzed sharing trends over the past 5 years. AddThis ranked Twitter as the all-time champion of social sharing, with growth of 35,356 percent over that period.

Now, AddThis has released a new infographic that looks at the sharing trends of 2011, and while Twitter has had a bumper year, it’s Facebook that is proving itself as the social sharing champion of the web.

In 2011, Twitter was responsible for some 13.5 percent of sharing, growing 576.9 percent year-on-year. Twitter also makes up 52 percent of all sharing in Japan.

Not bad, but this pales in comparison to Facebook, which accounted for an incredible 52.1 percent of all sharing on the web over the past 12 months – that’s four times the size of Twitter.

Stumbleupon also had a solid year, with shares from that platform generating a viral lift of some 320 percent. Meanwhile, AddThis reports that Google+ appears to have plateaued (and sharing by Google overall has dipped 8 percent), and both Digg (-47.7 percent) and MySpace (-56.9 percent) are very much on the decline. No data from Reddit, which by all accounts has had an amazing 2011.

Also of note: three-quarters of the top 10 shares were related to death and disaster. Yep: we’re a happy bunch.

It’s worth noting that this data only represents shares generated using the AddThis button, which is used on 11 million domains worldwide, but doesn’t account for shares via the official Tweet Button, Facebook’s Share or Like buttons, and other mechanisms.