Twitter, Facebook, Search And Blogs – The Social Recruitment Compass [INFOGRAPHIC]

The rapid integration of social media into the business world has created an enormous amount of new jobs and roles, both in this new sector and also within existing, established positions – a primary example being marketing.

Indeed, this diversity is now so wide and vast that it can be difficult to keep track of who is needed where… and to do what?

Thankfully, help is at hand, via this social recruitment compass, courtesy of Provide People. Twitter warrants a couple of strong mentions, both as a sub-sector itself, and also in the location services category. There are a few notable omissions – Pinterest, for one – and Facebook, I feel, deserves it’s own sub-sector, too, as many businesses and individuals rely on that behemoth for work, but perhaps that will come with a future update.

A PDF of the infographic, with more descriptive detail, can be seen here.