Twitter, Facebook, YouTube VS The Mainstream Media – Who Called The Iowa Caucus? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week we looked at Mention Machine, a Washington Post app which tracked all the Twitter and mainstream media mentions of the US presidential candidates, ahead of the Iowa caucus, which was being touted by many as the first ‘social primary’.

On Twitter, Texan Rep. hopeful Ron Paul was far and away the leader amongst all candidates, but this didn’t translate into victory at the Iowa Republican caucus, which saw Mitt Romney edge Rick Santorum as the winner, with 24.55 percent and 24.54 percent of the vote respectively. Paul finished third, with 21.45 percent.

So what gives? Was there any link between the GOP candidates share of the vote and their standing within social media?

This infographic from Sociagility looks at how well Twitter, Facebook and YouTube called the Iowa caucus, and comes to one clear conclusion: when it comes to political opinion, mainstream media coverage is still the best barometer.

(Source: Sociagility.)