Social Presence Goes Beyond the Screen

Smart brands know how to engage consumers both online and off

It’s not enough for brands to run online and offline campaigns. With offline conversions and conversations playing a much larger role in marketing than one might expect, brands also need to develop integrated multi-channel campaigns that take online engagement offline and vice versa. A new e-book from Engagement Labs explores how certain brands are excelling both on and offline.

Engagement Labs examined a variety of brands across multiple industries to come up with a list of “Category Crushers,” or brands that perform well above expectations compared to the rest of the field. All rankings were generated based on Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial model, which takes into account both online and offline conversation, as well as volume, sentiment, brand sharing and influence.

One such Category Crusher is Dove, which has a highly recognizable online and offline brand presence due to its well-received, body-positive campaigns. In the facial and body care industry, the average TotalSocial score is 51, but Dove’s score is 60, putting it far ahead of the pack. Dove’s example of a unified and instantly recognizable campaign can translate offline and keep a brand top-of-mind when the time comes to make a purchase.

Engaging with a core audience on social, and motivating conversations also helps brands stand out. For instance, Gatorade encourages conversation around sporting events and teams on social, and provides motivational workout content for users to engage with. This has earned Gatorade a TotalSocial score exceeding the beverage industry average by 15 points.

Engagement Labs CEO Ed Keller noted in a press release that this kind of integrated approach isn’t limited to those with large advertising budgets. In fact, Keller said any brand that recognizes the power of word-of-mouth should be able to capture its market segment as long as it has the right mindset:

[A] ‘total social’ approach to consumer advocacy is a must for success, as we see reflected in this data analysis. The Category Crushers cited in our report understand that ‘social influence’ goes beyond a screen – and the consumer conversations they generate and amplify in-person can make a bigger boost to their overall social performance than those occurring exclusively on social media.

For more information, download Engagement Labs’ new e-book here.

Image on homepage courtesy of sapfirr/istock.