Mobile Social Game Platform Scoreloop Expands to Android

Scoreloop LogoWay back in April, German company Scoreloop launched a social gaming platform of the same name, for the booming iPhone/iPod Touch developer platform. Today, roughly eight months later, the company is expanding that service to another rapidly growing, and similar, mobile platform: Android. With this announcement, social developers for the Android platform will not only receive all the perks iPhone developers have seen, but also get access to the white-label platform, Core Social and its Premium Integration Services.

Current features of Android’s Core Social include online high scores, achievements, player challenges, profiles, cross promotions, wall postings, and virtual currency. As with the iPhone rendition of Core Social, all of these can be implemented directly into the game’s interfaces without breaking the game’s brand consistency with something that screams “Core Social Was Here!” Moreover, if anyone needs help in the use of the white-label elements, then Android users will also be welcome to utilize Scoreloop’s free Premium Integration Services.

iPhone & Android Cross Platform CapabilityThe biggest part of the announcement is that players using Scoreloop-enabled games will actually be able to play across the two mobile platforms. This means that if one player plays a game on the Android that also exists on the iPhone, they can issue a challenge directly to the Apple user. That person will receive a push notification to play, and both scores will then be posted on a server-based leaderboard viewable by both parties.

Android’s Core Social also keeps true to some of the oldest Scoreloop features, as well, retaining its social analytics, game recommendations, and free server operations. Unfortunately, the one thing that the platform does not have is Facebook and Twitter integration. Not to worry, though. When we spoke to Scoreloop chief executive Marc Gumpinger, he assured us that this is the next feature on the agenda and will be going live in the next couple of weeks.

Android was not only selected because of its growth and similarity to the iPhone, Gumpinger said. The company had been receiving a number of publisher requests for it as well. While he did not tell us specifics, he also said that the Scoreloop technology was intended to be cross-platform capable since day one and that the company is actually working on releasing their services for three other platforms.

Currently, there are all ready a handful of developers signed up for the new Android Core Social, but the only announced one, at this time, is Indiagames with Android renditions of Cricket T20 Super Sixers and Godzilla – Monster Mayhem. However, developers and publishers alike are invited to check out the Scoreloop-made demo, Bug Landing, which is also now available in the AppMarket.

Core Social Android feature details can be found below:

  • Online High Scores
  • Achievements
  • Player Challenges – Players challenge friend or foe on social networks like Facebook, by email, or using Scoreloop’s auto matching system which pairs opponents with like skill
  • Profiles – Track a buddy’s standing and brag about Challenge records
  • Social Network Integration – Publish scores and achievements to a wall and invite friends to join in on the fun
  • Cross Promotions – Discover what friends are playing by intelligent cross-promotions based on their gaming activities
  • Virtual Currencies – Reward players with Coins for attaining achievements or completing Challenges and let them use these to unlock or extend game content