Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – The Social Impact Of Olympic Brand Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC]

Four years is a long time in the regular old world of technology, but it’s an eternity in social media.

Since 2008, Twitter’s userbase has expanded almost one hundred times. Facebook has grown almost ten-fold (the latest user numbers are up to 955 million) and, perhaps most impressively, YouTube daily views have risen from 133 million to an incredible four billion per day.

This enormous growth has piqued the curiosity of both brands and marketers, and there’s perhaps no better example of the way that social media has changed the game than with the Olympics. Some 73 percent of Olympic sponsors have corporate Twitter and Facebook profiles, and the envisaged cost of one Olympic campaign is around ten times that of a 30-second Superbowl commercial, arguably the benchmark in modern advertising.

This infographic from the Pappas Group takes a closer look at the social impact of Olympic brand campaigns.

(Source: Pappas Group.)