Social News Is Digg for Facebook

Social NewsWhile Digg already has a Facebook application, Social News expands on the Digg app feature set. Zack Garbow and Ryan Cradick have decided to make a similar application to the infamously disastrous MySpace news. The main point of failure for MySpace news was that there wasn’t a dedicated community like the ones Digg and Reddit have earned over time. While I have a feeling that the social news application will meet a similar fate, it will be interesting to see how this pans out. I have been brainstorming myself about an alternative to Digg or social news for Facebook. The best method for making a Facebook version would be to compile all of the user’s shared items to determine what is popular at any given moment. Rather than having users submit articles to an entirely new application, it would be much more efficient to simply aggregate existing shared items. I’m sure Facebook already has an internal version of this application. It will be interesting to see who launches it first, Facebook or a third-party developer. Regardless, if you want to start submitting stories go check out the Social News application.