Social networking goes towards the hostile path in ibeatyou

If the idea of beating other people over something that you do best or on something which excel in, then you might find new social networking site ibeatyou, interesting. ibeatyou is a full featured site that wants you to challenge the world. Whether you want to challenge a friend, family member, fraternity, team, classmates of anyone, you can do so using videos, photos or text that you post on your profile in ibeatyou.ibeatyou is a full-featured social networking that is going to earn you all the bragging rights for beating the wits out of other ibeatyou members.

So, what exactly can you do in ibeatyou? First, you can join or start competitions in just about anything you want. If you don’t know what to compete in, think of anything where you’re good at, or anything that seems challenging to you. You can post them using video, photos or text. The moment ibeatyou members see your challenge and they are up for it, then you can start competing.

When somebody take up your challenge, other members in the ibeatyou community will rate your entries and the top rated entries win the competition. And what do you get from winning? ibeatyou points which when accumulated will unlock rewards which you can claim. This rewards come in the form of new features for your ibeatyou profile, including full customization of your profile theme, and more to come soon.

ibeatyou is a pretty straightforward social site which takes on a pretty different approach to social networking. At first, you might find it weird but as soon as you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the site.

Why don’t you check out the site and see if it interest you at all. There are currently some good competitions running, including “Most Free Throws in a Minute” “Best self taken photo”, “Your Best Photo with a Celebrity” and many more.