Social Networking for the iHipHop Community

iHipHop is a social entertainment and information site geared of course for the hip hop community who loves anything and everything about hip hop – from music, to videos, news, forums, commerce and social networking tools. iHipHop which was previously known as has transformed itself into a full-feature social networking community for our hiphop friends.

Since it has already established itself as a web resource for all things hiphop when it was still, it was easy for iHipHop to become a social networking community. All it needed to do was add some social networking features and walla! – you have the first social network for hiphop fans, lovers, and home buddies!

iHipHop features your usual social networking tools and services that includes the following:

  • Social network consisting of user-generated pages, blogs and message boards
  • Professional audio and video content from artists and record labels
  • Professionally written content such as news, blogs and interviews
  • Hip hop Wikipedia
  • Hip-hop social networking Facebook application
  • Embeddable user profile widgets that contain a snapshot of each user’s profile as well as their photos, music, and other content
  • User-to-user video and text chat capabilities
  • Audio and video sharing
  • Exclusive ringtones available for purchase and direct delivery
  • A store for physical goods, including CDs, DVDs, clothes and accessories
  • Video game trading through

Alright baby, it’s time to groove. Join iHipHop now. And as an added feature, iHipHop also have a Facebook application, neat!