Social Networking Chrome Extensions for Twitter and Facebook

As I’m using Chrome for more than a month now I have installed few useful extensions to make my life a bit easier. There are new Chrome extensions every day but for you to choose the right ones to install, I will give a little review on addons dedicated for Facebook, Twitter.


Chromed Bird – Really cool twitter client integrated right into your Chrome browser. You can also try Chrowety, Tweetings or some other built-in Twitter client.

TwitterBar – easy to use plugin for posting to twitter – no unnecessary features just type in and post.

Fast Twitter Search – this extension adds Twitter search button to the toolbar so you can quickly find something on twitter.

What the trend – very interesting plugin to see what’s are the top trending topics on Twitter right now.

TwittMark – small extension that let’s you to post bookmarks directly to twitter.


Facebook for Google Chrome – extension for quick access to your Live feed and notifications. Using this extension you also can quickly update your status.

Facebook – this extension offers more functionality than previous one and if you are communicating a lot on Facebook maybe this suites you more.

Facebook Adblock – very simple but useful plugin that hides ads on Facebook and Facebook Lite. To me ads on Facebook isn’t big issue but maybe you have other thoughts. Check out also AdBlock.

Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer – only one Facebook beautify extension that actually makes things better not worse. Probably the smartest thing is to use Facebook as it is because installing plugins like Beautify Facebook actually makes things look worse.

Feel free to check out these great Chrome extensions and if you know more cool and useful tools others may use – share your thoughts in comments.