Social Network Status Update Generator

How many hours have you wasted trying to come up with something cute and spunky to put as your status on Facebook or Twitter? How many OMG and blog updates did you miss while you racked your brain to impress your friends with your clever status update?

Well, no longer do you have to waste your precious hours. is a website that solves the problem of wasting time over status updates! As they put it, they are “ideal for the imaginatively challenged”. Or if it makes you feel better, use it on your off days.Here is how it works. Plug in your name, choose if you are a boy or a girl, and pick a tag filter. You can put in your own tag, or if you are really feeling unimaginative, there are sample tags that give you options and new ideas. The filters, or tag cloud, range from subjects or adjectives such as alcohol, movies, silliness, and teeth.

Bottom line, even if you don’t use the status update on Facebook or Twitter, this site provides hours of entertainment. The phrases that are generated on this website are good for more than just social networking sites.

For example the site just told me:

“Andrew is what he eats…he’s fast, cheap and easy.

How the heck does this site know me so well?