Social Network Messaging Surpasses Email

Earlier this week, Hitwise released data that showed social network messaging traffic surpassing e-mail in the United Kingdom. Whether or not this data can be expanded outside of the U.K., it does illustrate the new trend. Recently, I have been receiving almost as many messages on Facebook as I have via email. Could you imagine receiving a hundred messages daily via any social network?

None of the social networks currently offer efficient messaging tools. One significant feature that appears to be lacking from all the social network messaging systems is search. Why on earth can’t I search through my messages on Facebook? I won’t even get started on my MySpace inbox since that one is loaded with spam. If any of the large email providers wanted to make a strategic move, they would partner with other social networks to offer messaging services that leverage their email service.

This would expand social network messaging features overnight. Conversely, Facebook and MySpace could launch their own upgraded messaging system that includes pop3 access and search features. While it has been rumored that this is in the works over at Facebook, nothing has been confirmed yet. Do most of your messages come through social networks or through email?

Hitwise Social Networking Statistics