Social Nets Revive The Dating Game

The Dating Game—the classic ’60s/’70s-era game show—is mounting yet another comeback. This time, however, it’s not coming to TV, but to Facebook and Twitter.

The independent video game developer 3G Studios has snagged the rights to The Dating Game, which premiered in 1965 (per IMDB). It was revived several times in the 1980s and ’90s. (The show was famous for its blind interviews—where a contestant would chose among bachelor No. 1, bachelor No. 2 and so on—and its flirty, loaded questions.)

3G has partnered with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to launch a new version of the game on social nets, including Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5 and Twitter, sometime over the next few months.

Like in the original show, a single man or woman will question three potential dates. But in this case, players will create avatars of themselves to hide their identities. And rather than being in a TV studio, they’ll ask their questions using their preferred social media platform.

3G, which has previously produced games for Sony’s PlayStation console, Facebook and the iPhone, is betting that the uninhibited freedom provided by the Web’s anonymity, coupled with the global reach of social media, will entice a whole new pool of potential daters.
“The Dating Game has held fan appeal for decades with its sometimes provocative, sometimes coy and always very fun, flirtatious interactions,” said 3G CEO James Kosta. “By reviving the look and lighthearted feeling of the original 1960s TV series and leveraging the global connectivity of sites like Facebook, we are proud to pay homage to the cherished classic, while also providing a new kind of gaming experience that caters to the social networking culture of the 21st century.”