Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And The Social Mobile Shopper World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 55 percent of consumers share their purchases on social networking sites?

Facebook leads the way by some distance, with 55 percent of users favouring that platform ahead of Twitter (22 percent) and Pinterest (14 percent), but it’s the latter that rules the roost when it comes to converting: 59 percent of Pinterest users have purchased an item they saw on the pinboarding site.

Conversely, only 33 percent of Facebook users have bought an item they saw in their news feed or on a friend’s wall.

Mobile is also making great waves in the world of social consumerism – one-third of customers state browsing for items as the number one reason why they use a retailer’s apps, ahead of looking for discounts and deals (26 percent) and making purchases (22 percent). Overall, however, 66 percent of consumers prefer purchasing from a retailer’s website than via their app.

This, and a lot more information can be found in this infographic by SteelHouse.

(Source: SteelHouse. Buy button image via Shutterstock.)