Social Media’s Moving At Light Speed

Okay, y’all, your blogger is officially Too Old.
MarketingCharts recently released a list of the top ten most popular social networking websites in the US for September. Topping the list: Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, and Twitter.
But then trailing behind: Tagged, MyYearbook, and Mocospace?

These three newcomers all beat out LinkedIn, not to mention Mahalo, Bebo, Orkut, or Friendster (hahaha).

As Deirdre Breakenridge writes in ComPRehension, “It feels like every time we blink, there’s an announcement about a new platform, advanced technology, changing consumer behavior, new and exciting applications for our smartphones, better functionality in Enterprise 2.0, and the list goes on. We’re seeing change each and every day.”

You kids these days! Pick a platform and stay with it for more than a month. But until the industry can make that unrealistic goal happen, media continues to adapt. What’s the flavor of the month now?