The State Of Social Media At Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that British people are more social at work than their American counterparts?

It’s true – 30 percent of Britons label their company as a social enterprise, compared to just 19 percent of Americans. Moreover, 28 percent of British workers say their firm uses social sites to engage with customers, compared to 21 percent of Americans, and more than twice as many UK companies are using four or more social media tools than those across the pond.

Social media is big business, but not all businesses are happy to come on board. While almost everyone wants more investment in social, a new study has shown that your boss is twice as likely to be using social media than you are – less than one third of employees are allowed to use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in the office.

Appirio surveyed 300 employees and managers in the UK and U.S. and discovered that:

  • Most people do not use social media in the office – just 29 percent do so for professional reasons, and not much more than one in ten (11 percent) for personal
  • Facebook is the top personal social channel, ahead of LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube and Twitter
  • LinkedIn is the top professional social channel
  • The size of the company has a great deal of influence in how much employees believe social media will have an impact in different areas of their business
  • The bulk of in-office social networking is still done by the marketing department

(Source: Appirio. Social media keyboard via Shutterstock.)