Christopher Walken Sure Loves That Cat Video

This was an incidental point made by Krista Smith, senior west coast editor for Vanity Fair, while moderating this morning’s Social Media Week L.A. panel A Conversation with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Digital Team. But it helped underscore one of the main takeaways: that it’s not always possible to anticipate which Internet videos will go viral.

Smith recalled that a recent Toronto International Film Festival hotel interview session for Seven Psychopaths began with co-star Christopher Walken making everybody watch the following video. Part of a series about a very existential cat:

Panel participants Mike Cioffi (digital director for Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and Doug Deluca (executive producer) concurred that in cases where neither Ben Affleck or Matt Damon are involved, it’s not always easy to predict which show videos will hit. They pointed to a recent Hollywood Blvd. prank (“First Look: iPhone 5”) as an example of a YouTube TV show excerpt that exploded way beyond staff expectations:

God help the Internet if a cat starts hosting an Apple products preview show.