Social Media Training Goes Pro with Grovo

Grovo's online training videos for frequently used, web-hosted applications have been impressive because of the quality of their content. After the jump, find out how the today's platform revamping provides an even better experience for those using it for free and the businesses likely to take advantage of the new Grovo Premium.

Grovo‘s online training videos for frequently used, web-hosted applications have been impressive because of the quality of their content. Today, the company launched a site redesign to provide a revamped experience for veteran web uses seeking to work more efficiently, as well as the 650,000 people who use the Internet for the first time each day.

In addition, Grovo Premium, exclusive content for businesses looking to take advantage of online business tools, makes its debut.

For a monthly fee of $19, or $190 annually, organizations can gain unlimited access to advanced training and business content in the areas of Productivity, Online Marketing and Social Media. Grovo’s Premium content provides in-depth, ongoing training on the sites and applications organizations use most. Support by email is also included in the package.

At launch, Grovo will feature premium lessons for more than a dozen sites, including Facebook Pages, Twitter for Business, Basecamp, Retargeter, Google Apps and Google Analytics. The company said that fresh Premium content will be released every week.

“There’s a huge need for online education today,” said Grovo CEO Jeff Fernandez. “People want to find and use the best sites, and sites are desperately trying to reach users. With our redesign and new Premium offerings, Grovo is taking huge strides toward bridging that gap for both consumers and businesses.”

With the site redesign, approximately half of Grovo’s content covering Social Media, Online Shopping, Entertainment, Productivity and Web Essentials is available free to the public. Users can also learn with quizzes, takeaways and glossary terms. Grovo’s new activity feed allows users to track their progress and revisit content.

Grovo features a clean, easy to navigate user experience that positions every Grovo video lesson on a dedicated page designed to help users retain knowledge, access related content, save key points and learn related terms. Grovo content can live anywhere on the Web – users can post or embed video lessons on a site or blog, as well as Like, share or Tweet Grovo content to friends and colleagues.

Grovo currently features over 400 lessons spanning dozens of sites. All content is produced and continuously updated in-house by Grovo’s writers, editors and voiceover talent. Grovo projects its library to grow to at least 2,000 lessons by 2012. Grovo users can request coverage for sites they use most or would like to know better. The most-requested sites on Grovo are surfaced publicly and can be promoted by the Grovo community.

Sites benefit from online education platforms such as Grovo, as they help people find relevant sites and and use them more effectively and efficiently. Ideally, sites could lower support costs and retain users due to their successful time investment improving mastery.

The company touts that it is agnostic and devoid of promotional language or ads. Grovo is privately held and headquartered in New York City.