Social Media: Then Vs Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media: Then Vs Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you remember what we did before Twitter? How on earth did we share small but important messages with our friends and colleagues?

With a Post-It note, perhaps?

Back in those primitive, pre-Twitter times (AKA, “days of yore”), a quick scribble on a Post-It note was a really fast and easy way to communicate with one or more people. You could even “pin” the Post-It note on their computer monitor to make sure that it was seen.

Pinterest’s roots clearly began with the humble cork board, while Facebook was born from the address book. Staring out of a window was the “YouTube” of our youth (certainly mine) and the Rolodex stepped quickly to one side once LinkedIn was launched.

Check the visual below for more than-and-now social media comparisons, including Tumblr, Skype and Instagram, which comes courtesy of Zerofox.

Social Media: Then Vs Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Source: Zerofox.)