Social-Media Themed Costume Ideas

Halloween is tomorrow. Do you know what you are going to wear? Are you are a procrastinator who could not decide on a costume? Or did you just decide today that you want to dress up?

Nearly 70% of typical costume wearers admit social media like Facebook and Pinterest impact their costume choices, according to a survey done by Savers/Value Village. “Nearly half of them say they get inspiration from looking at their newsfeed, like photos of what others wore,” shares Sara Gaugl, Savers spokesperson. “Nearly 40% say they put in more effort to wear something different every year because they know pictures of them will be posted on social media.”

You can get inspiration from your social media feed: become your favorite meme (love those Someecards), viral video (there are a ton of “talented” babies out there), or game (Words with Friends would make a great group costume. Just walk in a group with a different letter pinned on each of your shirts). Or just become one of your favorite social media sites.

Here are some easy, last-minute, social-media themed costume ideas.

Vine. Dress up as a vine. Wrap fake greenery, easily found at a craft store, around your body.

Facebook. Go the “Jim from The Office” route and print the word “Book” on your face, put a book on your face , or carry around a book of your friends faces. More Facebook ideas below.

Instagram. Caren Baginski, Founder, Happy Momentum, suggests: “Grab a gray wig and spectacles, dress up in an old sweater, and use eyeliner to pencil wrinkle lines on your face. Walk around with your smartphone in one hand and your wig in the other. When someone asks who you are, put on the wig and ask for a selfie. You’re Insta-Gram!”

YouTube. “Dress as a stereotypical YouTuber,” says Stephanie Belsky, Founder, Lucid. “Walk around holding a camera in front of your face and ask people in real time to comment, like, and subscribe. Be sure to wear a tshirt with your YouTube channel name on it.”

Pinterest. Print out some photos and pin them on your clothing. You can also get some poster board, print out or stencil the logo on the top, and add your favorite pins. Turn it into a sandwich board and wear it around.

The poster board/sandwich board method can be used to create a customized Tumblr, Message Board, Infographic, Blog, or Tweet. Or, cut a “profile-sized” box for your head in a piece of poster board and decorate the rest as your Facebook page, Google+ Profile, YouTube channel, or Twitter feed (see pic).

Speaking of Twitter

“On Saturday I went out dressed as Twitter,” shares Social Media Specialist James Williams, Articulon. “I ran out and bought a shirt and some markers. I put the Twitter logo on the front and wrote my Twitter handle and “follow me” on the back. To make it interactive and fun, I carried around the markers all night and asked people to write a hashtag on me. People loved it. They were more into it than I ever could have imagined. I ended the night completely covered in permanent marker hashtags. It was a simple costume but ended up being a huge hit.”

“This Halloween I was a hashtag,” explains Brittany Southwick, Account Executive at People Making Good PR. “I created two large hashtag symbols from poster board, covered each in duct tape and used string to wear them over my shoulders. I also bought a white board to hashtag words as the night went on.”

Crawling the Web. “My costume was spiders crawling the world wide web,” says Steven Swimmer, Web and Digital Strategy consultant, Swimmer Media. “It consisted of me covered in plastic spiders and spider webs.”

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