Social Superhero Top Trumps: Twitter (Spider-Man) vs Facebook (The Hulk) vs Google+ (Silver Surfer)

This absolutely brilliant infographic from Freestyle Interaction takes the major players from the world of social media and converts them into superhero Top Trumps cards.

Facebook becomes The Hulk – big, ugly and powerful (but not very friendly) – while Twitter is the faster, more agile Spider-Man, capable of quickly forming large ‘webs’ of connections.

WordPress is represented by Batman (chock full of gadgets), LinkedIn becomes The Thing (strong and solid, but the only one uglier than Facebook) and Google+ is the Silver Surfer (mysterious and promising, but at this moment a complete unknown).

MySpace? Daredevil, the man without fear. Not to mention common sense. Or much of a fan base.

Slideshare, YouTube, Renren and Flickr also feature.

Each of the social networking heroes comes with Top Trumps-a-like playable data on their cards: active users, world reach, usability and cutting edge. Twitter stands up pretty well to Facebook (even with Twitter’s inaccurate active users totals), and Google+ scores a ridiculous 99 in cutting edge, but no one superhero is all-dominant. Much like in the comics.

(Source: Freestyle Interactive.)

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