Social Media Success Stories: Heinz Five Beanz on Facebook

The Heinz Five Beanz Facebook product launch reached 11 million people and added 30,000 fans.

Cultivating and engaging an active community by rewarding them through social media helps brands develop loyal customer bases and run campaigns such as the Heinz Five Beanz Facebook product launch, which reached 11 million people and added 30,000 fans.

The Five Beanz product was created to reflect the fact that people’s tastes change as they get older, so the campaign was named “My Grown Up Beanz.”

Heinz launched a Facebook quiz app that told people which of the five beans they had grown up to become in response to a series of questions about their personality traits.

To encourage people to take part and share the app, five winners were picked every hour and sent a personalized bean, and every user that invited 10 people to take the quiz was given a goodie bag.

Heinz also offered Facebook fans a coupon so they could try the product, but to try and prevent people from downloading loads of coupons, each voucher was tied to a Facebook ID. This also gave Heinz some data on the shopping habits of its fans.

The two-week campaign resulted in the following:

  • More than 10,000 users shared the app.
  • The campaign reached 10.8 million people on Facebook.
  • It reached 3 million people outside of Facebook through Twitter, blogs and news sites.
  • The Heinz Facebook community grew by 30,000 extra ‘Beaniez.’

Creating playful content like games and quizzes encourages fans to use Facebook pages for fun and entertainment, increases customer loyalty and draws extra publicity for brands.

*Heinz Five Beanz case study from We Are Social