Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And Pinterest – Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’re a newly-crowned Page administrator on Facebook or setting up a Twitter brand profile for the first time, figuring out all the different shapes and sizes of the images you need to update on these properties can suck up a lot of your time.

And with Google+ pages and Pinterest boards also an essential for many brands, your life as a social media marketer (slash designer) just got a lot harder. If only there was a one-stop, complete, social media sizing cheat sheet that you could download and stick on your wall?

Well, good news, there is, and it comes courtesy of those nice folks at Luna Metrics, who have put together this very informative guide to image dimensions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. It has that must-know pixel height and width information on everything from Facebook cover photos, Twitter brand banners, Google+ ribbons and Pinterest clicked pins, plus everything in between.

If only they’d spend a bit more time on the design, this could have been perfect. Oh well – maybe with version two.

(Source: Luna Metrics.)