The 7 Side Effects Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

So, you’ve heard all these things about social media, but has anybody told you about the side effects?


Don’t worry – they’re all good!

A well-managed social media campaign can help you and your brand:

  1. Increase communication with clients
  2. Drive traffic to your site
  3. Remind your prospects of your brand
  4. Improve your online influence
  5. Reach the friends of your clients and prospects with your message
  6. Inform your audience of specials in real time
  7. Increase your SEO ranking

In fact, the only real negative I can think of with social media is that to do it properly takes time and effort. Lots of time and effort. Moreover, you have to keep putting one foot – AKA, tweets, status updates and media content – in front of the other. You can’t just stop when you think you’ve done enough. You can’t just take a week off. You can’t just quit.

Indeed, more often than not, social media naysayers and dismissers are typically those folks who haven’t, or simply are not prepared, to do the work. Which makes their inevitable failure all the more self-fulfilling.

(Source: Start Ranking Now. Social media image via Shutterstock.)

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