Facebook Leads Pinterest, Twitter For Social Shopping Impact As New Contender Emerges [STUDY]

Which social media channels are driving traffic and conversions for retail websites?

In an updated study, RichRelevance tracked more than 689 million shopping sessions between January and September 2013, and discovered that Facebook continues to dominate, with both Pinterest and (especially) Twitter some way behind. Indeed, it’s a surprising new contender that’s putting the most pressure on Facebook – and I can almost guarantee that it isn’t the one that you’re thinking of.

Some 60 percent of social networking site traffic to retail websites comes from Facebook, which is four times that of Pinterest (15 percent) and twelve times Twitter’s share (5 percent).

However, it’s social commerce website Polyvore that’s made the biggest gains in the past year, raking in a 20 percent share of social retail traffic. For conversions, Facebook leads at 2.69 percent, ahead of Polyvore (1.17 percent), Pinterest (0.96 percent) and Twitter (a distant 0.49 percent).

But here’s the money stat: Polyvore drives a higher average order value than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter combined.

(Source: RichRelevance.)